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Why Penny University?

The history behind our name
The first coffeehouses that originated in London in the 17th century were called Penny Universities. People would pay a penny to enter and once inside had access to coffee, the company of others, newspapers, bulletins and the latest news and gossip. Since it only cost a penny to enter, Penny Universities attracted an eclectic group of people, from all social and economic classes. It created a unique environment for the sharing of ideas and conversation. In Penny Universities, patrons mingled over coffee, rather than alcohol. So, instead of losing a bagillion brain cells, people left feeling more intelligent and enlightened than before they arrived.

So, who are we? Frankly, we are your modern day Penny University. We aren’t interested solely in bearded hipsters who munch on kale – at Penny’s everyone is welcome. We want you to come in, feel at home, and leave with enlightened taste buds.

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Our venue is available for private evening functions.

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